Customs Brokerage

At STEAMSHIP we focus on the need for a timely and cost effective customs clearance process for our customers.

Here our business is to customs clear your goods through the Customs at a very effective cost and to suite every requirement of your needs.

STEAMSHIP offers tailored services to meet your customs clearance process and onward forwarding needs. We customs clear your goods, move them to destination around Portugal and Europe and even store break bulk and distribute for you.

Our experienced staff is here to answer your questions regarding importation, taxation and clearance procedures, helping to ensure that your consignments clear Customs swiftly and efficiently.

Our Customs clearance services include:

  • Portuguese Customs Clearance Brokerage in any port of the Country
  • Portuguese Fiscal Representation for EU Importers
  • Fiscal Representation for Portuguese Importers in Spain, Netherlands and Belgium
  • Duty / VAT tax classification
  • Issuance and Handling of special Customs documentation

Please contact us for any Customs enquiry.